Flying Money_Buddha Laughing


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Johnny Vu Thriller Series Book 1 | Book 2

Johnny Vu, thief, smuggler and spy, taunted by dreams of a mystery fortune of lost billions, pursues his destiny, hunted by Triad assassins and challenged on every continent by world governments.

In 1999, an audacious Chinese smuggler named Lao escapes the Mainland and makes his way to refuge and asylum in Canada, leaving behind a hidden three and one half billion-dollar fortune. For a dozen years, neither the Chinese nor the Canadians can break the fugitive smuggler's determination to keep the location of the fortune secret. In this global mystery thriller, Flying Money_Buddha Laughing. Johnny Vu, with the help of his seductive swallow, risks his empire and his life to discover the location of the treasure and make it his own.

Vu's swallow must infiltrate the fugitive's closely guarded life. Parsing the Chinese criminal's unique Fujian dialect and using her skill with Mandarin and Cantonese, she must peel away the cultural deceptions deployed by the smuggler to foil Canadian agents and the Chinese government. Obsessed not only with the billions, but also with the challenge of outsmarting two governments and the psychological twists of the infamous smuggler, Johnny Vu will stop at nothing in his chase to get the fortune.

The risk everything search plays out in secret memories, myths and legends, leading Vu back to the treacherous docks of Hong Kong and Lamma Island where military weapons and triad killers await. Betrayal, fealty and passions sluice across the globe from France to Thailand to Africa to New Zealand, Canada and Korea. By its volatile ending, governments and geography seem to encircle Johnny Vu. Flying Money_Buddha Laughing is a treasure hunt, dream study and deadly action thriller with one prisoner at its flaming karmic end.